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Setting up ACH in DomicoCloud with DomicoPay

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Introduction to ACH in DomicoCloud
Setting up ACH in DomicoCloud
Enable or Disable AutoPay

Introduction to ACH

ACH – Automatic Clearing House is a fast and convenient way to transfer funds from one bank account to another. ACH, also known as Bank Draft in the DomicoCloud self storage management software is used in conjunction with DomicoPay to retrieve bank draft payments for lease charges 

DomicoPay payment processing is our in-house merchant service that when used with DomicoCloud, creates an all-in-one solution for self storage facilities. A majority of DomicoCloud users see an exponential descrease in credit card processing after switching to DomicoPay. Learn more about DomicoPay here.

ACH in DomicoCloud is called “Bank Draft” and is easy to use. It’s accessed from the tenant’s screen, as well as the payment screen. 

Note: In order to use ACH, the feature must be enabled by our technical support team. 

Are you currently using DomicoCloud and DomicoPay and would like to start using ACH? Give our support team a call or email and we’ll get the feature turned on for you.

Call us at +1(800) 688-6181 | Email us at | Submit a request form

Setting up ACH in DomicoCloud

DomicoCloud ach

The ACH setup screen can be found in the tenant/customer screen by navigating to > “User Info” > ” Bank Account“.

For a tenant to have money taken from their bank account on a recurring basis, the following things must be configured:

  1. Their AutoPay Method must be set to Bank Draft
  2. They must have their Bank Information specified
  3. They must have a Payment Share Amount specified on the lease account

The following fields are required for Bank Information:

  • Name on Account – the full name of the account holder, according to bank records
  • Bank Name – the name of his banking institution
  • Account Number – the bank account number to be drafted. This account number is stored encrypted in the database, and is displayed with all but the last four digits masked out, for security purposes. It is not possible to view a full bank account number once entered into the system.
  • Routing Number – the bank routing number. This nine digit number appears on checks, typically on the bottom left edge. If the number entered does not pass a basic bank routing number checksum, an “Invalid” message will appear, and the information cannot be saved.

After entering or updating Bank Information, press the Save button to save your data. The account details will be masked once saved.

Enable AutoPay (ACH)

To Enable or Disable AutoPay, click here.

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