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Bank Register and Bank Deposits in DomicoCloud

In this section:
Introduction to the Bank Register
Selecting a Bank Account
The Transactions
Navigating the bank Register
Create a Deposit

Introduction to Bank Register

The Bank Register shows all activity in your bank accounts, in a running register format. It is used to launch the Create Bank Deposit, Vendor Payment, Bank Account Adjustment, and Reconcile screens. Bank accounts are created using the Bank Accounts screen.

The Bank Register is launched from the main menu under Financials, or from the Quick Navigation menu.

Selecting a Bank Account

Choose a company at the top of the form to access the bank accounts in that company. Then, choose a bank account using the Bank Account drop-down selector.

The Transactions

The following types of entries populate the Bank Register:

  • Vendor Payments – can be applied to Vendor Invoices or just reflect funds paid directly from the bank account to a vendor, and are created via the Vendor Payment screen. Simple payment entries can also be created via the Bank Account Adjustment form.
  • Deposits – made up of checks, cash, and credit card / ACH deposits, and are created on the Deposit screen. Simple deposit entries can also be created via the Bank Account Adjustment form.
  • Transfers – transfers balances from one bank account to another bank account, via the Bank Account Adjustment form.

Navigating the Bank Register

Data on the Bank Register is listed from the most current at the top, down to least current.

Only 100 transactions at a time are displayed on the screen. Use the navigation area at the top right of the register to move forward and backward to the next “page” of entries. You can also enter a page number directly to jump to that set of 100 entries.

Bank Deposits

Previous day’s deposits are listed from newest to oldest. Each night an “Electronic” deposit is created for credit card payments. Deposits for cash and checks must be created manually. 

bank deposit in domicocloud

Creating a Deposit

1. From the Bank Register screen, click Create Deposit…

bank deposit in domicocloud

Bank Account: leave the “Default” bank account selected unless directed otherwise.

Deposit Type: Cash Drawer

Payments: All undeposited checks and Money Orders are listed and selected by default. Review the listed items and remove the checkmark on the left of any items that should not be included in the deposit.

bank deposit in domicocloud

Cash in Drawers – Balance: the amount of undeposited cash on hand

Cash in Drawers – Amount: enter the amount of cash to be included in the deposit.

There is an option in DomicoCloud to “require deposit to include ALL cash.” If that is enabled for your facility, the Amount field will be greyed out and contain the same figure as the Balance field. You cannot modify the amount of cash to be deposited in this case.

2.  If able, enter the amount of cash to be deposited in the Amount field and hit the Tab key.

bank deposit in domicocloud

The totals on the right will update. In this example, the total for cash and checks is $1,499.16. 

3.  Leave “Print Deposit Slip” checked and click Save

bank deposit in domicocloud

4.  Click Download Now… to open the deposit slip in a PDF.

5.  Deposit Slip: 

bank deposit in domicocloud

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