Generate Reports from DomicoCloud in Real-Time
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Reporting is imperative for any software as it enables you to view and assess the progress of your storage facility in real time with just a click of a button. DomicoCloud does just that! Our storage facility software offers a robust set of reports that are complete and accurate for facility owners and managers to make important decisions in their day to day operation.

generate self storage reports in real-time

Choose from 5 Report Categories
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Quickly access the reports window from the Quick Navigation menu.

By default, the reports screen lists the reports alphabetically, with it’s description, and a screenshot of what the report looks like. You can also view the reports in a condensed list by clicking the “collapsed View” box at the top.

Also at the top is a drop-down menu that categorizes the different Types of Reports. The 5 categories that make up the 68 reports include:

  • Reports for Accounting
  • Reports relating to Sales
  • Reports on Customer data
  • Reports on the Property as a whole
  • Vendor reports

This makes it easy to find and generate various data sets to utilize in different areas of your self storage operation.

self storage reports for owners and accountants

Multi-Site Reports and 5 Export Formats
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To generate any report in real-time, simply click “Launch” next to the report. Different reports require different choices as they all pull different data. Some ask for a data, some don’t. The one choice option that is similar is the Output Format, which includes HTML, PDF, XCEL, DOC, or PPT.

For self storage operators with multiple locations on DomicoCloud, users can generate certain consolidated reports showing data from the listed facilities.

self storage software reports for multi-site