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Self Storage Rental Agreements Digitized

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Introduction to Digital Lease Agreements
Complete the Lease Process Faster
Email Digital Lease On-Demand
Customized Email Notifications
Tenant Reviews and Signs Lease Agreement Online

Introduction to Digital Lease Agreements

Your tenant rental agreement in digital format. Easily upload your company’s lease agreement to update at any time. Leases are tied to a unique unit rental instance and can be pulled up on any device for a walk-in rental or online rental. Signed leases are automatically uploaded and attached to the tenant’s profile in DomicoCloud, making record keeping easy.

Complete the lease process faster

Taking steps to streamline self-storage rentals with the digital lease is important in today’s age of technology. Luckily, storage unit software programs have made the transition easy by partnering with other service providers to help maximize self-storage management softwares.

Whether a facility wants to increase traffic with marketing help by The Storage Group or offer tenants contactless rentals and payments from Insomniac, the industry has much to offer. Check out the integrations that work with Domico cloud self-storage software.

However, if operators do not wish to utilize extra services, they can still benefit from built-in tools like the Digital Lease in DomicoCloud. Having a powerful storage facility software program like DomicoCloud is economical for small to mid-size facilities. Furthermore, it becomes reliable and convenient for operators in the long run as they will have fewer vendors to audit.

Email Digital Lease On-Demand

Digital Leases can be sent on-demand directly from a tenant’s profile using the Quick Message section. This tool is useful for sending or re-sending notices.

NOTE: In order to use this feature for a lease agreement, the tenant would first need to have a tenant profile and an attached unit.

Here’s what the Quick Message section looks like in the tenant’s profile screen:

Domico Cloud digital lease message

Customized Email Notifications

Domico Cloud Notification templates

Email notifications are customized using Notification Templates. These templates are used company-wide and can be setup with unique tenant-specific information.

To setup the Digital Lease Agreement using the Notification Templates, an email notification with the Digital Signature option is chosen in order to send the tenant the following:

  • An email with your customized email subject and body
      • Add tags for a personalized touch:
  • URL tag in the email body (this automatically uploads the tenant and unit information to the digital lease for the tenant to sign and submit

The Notification Templates tool is not only powerful but easy to use for both storage operator owners and facility managers. Self storage facilities can completely streamline their communication processes with this DomicoCloud function.

Here is a sample of a Digital Lease in an email notification, complete with customization tags and email signature:

  • ##Customer.firstName## – Jane Cook
  • – C-0052
  • ##property.signatureurl## – URL
Tenant Reviews and Signs Lease Agreement Online

In the customized email, the tenant can now click on the link to access the Lease Agreement generated specifically for their assigned unit. 

The Lease Agreement contents are customizable to meet your business needs. You can find resources on lease agreements from your state association or the Legal Network of the Self Storage Association.

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