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Introduction to texting in DomicoCloud

DomicoCloud is a self storage management software that is truly web-based. It’s launched from your browser on any device, from anywhere, making it even easier to text and email tenants directly from the software. This consolidates the lines of communication and keeps all correspondence in one place.

Send SMS Text Messages
with a Click of a Button

Navigate to your self storage tenant’s profile by clicking on “Edit Customer” from the Quick Navigation menu, then clicking on the tenant’s name. This tenant screen includes everything related to this tenant.

In order to send and receive text messages, add a valid mobile number under Primary Contact, then have the tenant Opt-in. You’d send the tenant an email with the Opt-In link. When clicked, this is what the page looks like. The tenant can decide what types of text communication to receive.

Text Messaging Opt-In Made Easy

Once a tenant Opts in to receive and send the facility text messages, your facility can easily send messages, links, and statements directly to the tenant’s text message inbox. Setup is easy since we can do the work for you and message rates are very low.

DomicoCloud Text Opt-in

Email Tenants from DomicoCloud

Emailing your tenants from DomicoCloud is just as easy! Input a valid email address in Primary Contact. Then click on the email address here to draft and send your email.You can also send an email from a set of customized email templates under Quick Message. This is where you can send Digital Lease Agreements, late notices, adding a lease, and so on to the tenant’s email.

Email from DomicoCloud

All Correspondence are
Automatically Saved

The benefit of communicating with your tenants directly from our management software is that all in-bound and out-bound communication is saved right there in the tenant’s profile. You can find a list of exactly what was sent/received under Correspondence. Additionally, the Log will tell you which staff member initiated the event.

DomicoCloud Correspondence 1

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