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Introduction to Automation
What is Typically Automated
Automation in DomicoCloud
Events in DomicoCloud Automation
Actions in DomicoCloud Automation
Examples of Automation in DomicoCloud

Introduction to Automation

Automation is simply taking a task and setting up the steps of that task to run automatically. At the root of automation, is the command: WHEN (this happens) > DO (this task). Having the ability to automate tasks will allow self storage facilities to streamline otherwise repetitive and routine tasks.

What is Typically Automated

  • Common administrative tasks (
  • Sending notifications (responses, notices, invoices, etc.)
  • Integrations (assigning a gate code or removing a gate code)
  • Delinquency steps
  • Work orders
  • Scheduled rate adjustments

Automation in DomicoCloud

Tasks involved in running a self storage facility can be automated with the Automated Actions feature in DomicoCloud. The module allows end-users to configure activities to happen automatically when specific system events occur.

For an automatic activity to properly kick in, two elements must be chosen for the setup:

1) An Event (the WHEN)
2) A corresponding action (DO this)

Events in DomicoCloud Automation

Events are pre-defined system events. Here are some examples:

  • Lease Creation when a lease is initially created, either creating an new tenant on the New Customer screen, or adding a lease to an existing tenant on the Tenant screen.
  • Bounced Payment when a staff member manually bounces a payment.
  • Credit Card Expire on the specified number of days before or after the tenant’s credit card expiration date.
  • Customer Application Submitted when an online tenant application is submitted
  • New Customer when a new tenant is created in the system
  • Payment Received when a payment is manually entered, or automatically (batch) charged by the system
  • Work Order Created when a work order is initially manually created, or automatically created by the system

Actions in DomicoCloud Automation

Actions are corresponding actions selected to happen following a chosen event. Here are some examples:

  • Send Notification Choose a notification template to send following an event. Notification Templates are generated for use in outgoing emails, print, PDF attachments, pop-up message in software, SMS Message, U.S. Mail, and mass emails.

To Recipient(s): Primary customer, alternate contact, affected customer, all customers, select staff member(s)

  • Create Charge post a charge to an account following an event. This action will request for a description, an amount, and a SKU. 

> Description: free form field
> Amount:
free form field
> SKU:
choose one

  • Create Work Order choose a Work Order Template. 
  • Close work Order choose a Work Order Category, Work Order Status, and Work Order Link (customer or unit linked that work order)
  • Clear Pending Transaction
  • Queue External Job
  • Email Report Set
  • Adjust Pending Transaction

Examples of Automation in DomicoCloud

[su_highlight background=”#FFCE96″ color=”#000000″]WHEN:[/su_highlight]

A New Move-In happens

[su_highlight background=”#FFCE96″ color=”#000000″]DO THIS:[/su_highlight]

Print Rental Agreement

[su_highlight background=”#FFCE96″ color=”#000000″]WHEN:[/su_highlight]

An Applicant makes a reservation to rent a unit from your website

[su_highlight background=”#FFCE96″ color=”#000000″]DO THIS:[/su_highlight]

Send (Thank you for reserving!) email > to Applicant

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