Payment Processing for Self Storage by Domico Software

domicopay created by domico for domico customers

Built by Domico for Domico Users

DomicoPay Merchant Services is developed and managed by us, keeping access to its many components in-house. This, in turn, allows us to troubleshoot efficiently and make improvements for the benefit of our customers.

All-In-One Solution

DomicoPay integrates seamlessly into DomicoCloud and Domico Stand-Alone, offering a complete, all-in-one solution for self storage operators. Managers enjoy the convenience, while owners save money.

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Common issues customers experience using a third-party processor that we’ve resolved:

X   Unable to reach a live person X for support
X   Unable to get a response in a timely manner
X   Processor updates and software updates don’t match
X   Finger-pointing troubleshooting issues
X   Can’t get a clear explanation of statements
X   Charged with manufactured fees

With DomicoPay:

  Reach a live person immediately with a call-back within 2 hours
  Updates in processor and software will compliment each other
  Support for both products by the same technicians
  Get answers about your statements from us
  Straightforward and transparent fees

Key Benefits of DomicoPay

domicopay consolidated processing

Consolidated Processing

DomicoPay tightly integrates with our products, keeping your payments in one place and eliminating the need to switch between two applications for processing.

domicopay secure processing


Our payment processing service is PCI and PADSS compliant. By providing an out-of-scope solution, the Domico systems do not receive or see credit card data. Locally stored payment information is tokenized and unreadable, keeping your customer data safe.

domicopay saves on fees

Save on Fees

Your money is valuable. Spend less of it on payment processing fees and keep more of it for your bottom line. Know exactly what you’re paying for with transparent fees through DomicoPay.

We’ve already saved customers up to 20% on their processing fees.

domicopay offers same support

Same Support

Product functions, hardware, and account questions are resolved by our professional team of support technicians. Offering a single point of contact for our suite of products and services allows us to provide effective solutions.

We offer same day support with a guaranteed 2-hour call-back. Tier II support is available outside of our office hours.

How DomicoPay Works

how domicopay works

  1. Make a payment

    Domico Software prompts the DomicoPay Server that it wants to process a payment

  2. Wake Terminal

    The DomicoPay Server wakes up the payment terminal

  3. Send Payment Details

    The Terminal sends the payment details back to the server

  4. Request Authorization

    The DomicoPay Server send the Issuer a payment authorization request

  5. Authorization

    The Issuer processes the payment and approves or declines

  6. Return Result to Terminal

    The DomicoPay Server communicates back to the terminal with an approval or decline

  7. Return Result to Domico

    The DomicoPay Server communicates back to Domico Software with an approval or decline

What does it mean to be Out-of-Scope?

DomicoPay has an out-of-scope setup, meaning it is out of scope of the credit card processing and does not see raw credit card data. Upon receiving the processing terminal, customers are instructed to plug the device directly into their network (and not the computer). According to the diagram above, most of the communication happens within the DomicoPay server. Our setup results in the most secure payment processing.

DomicoPay is fully compliant, uses tokenized credit card data, with nothing sensitive stored locally .

Getting started with DomicoPay
in Six Easy Steps

domicopay statement analysis

Step 1: Statement Analysis

Using your most recent processing statement(s) we do a thorough analysis of the fees you currently pay vs. what you could pay with DomicoPay to provide monthly and annual cost savings. This is the easiest step. We do all the work once we receive your statement!

domicopay apply

Step 2: Apply

Like what you see? We’ll send you a custom application link to apply online. Once your information is submitted, underwriting gets to work right away! We just need basic ownership information and have professionals on stand-by to help answer questions.

domicopay approval

Step 3: Approval

Upon approval, your business is assigned an MID (Merchant Identification Number). Our team is immediately notified of your setup information, which is then monitored to ensure proper onboarding. Approval takes up to 1 business day.

domicopay receive hardware

Step 4: Receive Hardware

Whether you decide to purchase or lease the hardware, the order will be placed upon your application approval and typically ships within 2-3 business days.

domicopay onboarding

Step 5: Onboarding

Our team contacts you with important information such as your MID, login credentials for transaction reporting, the equipment you ordered, and the next steps for installation. We will schedule a time that works for you. 

Step 6: Installation & Support

On the scheduled day, your installation gets flagged for a technician to grab and prep prior to calling you. A tech integrates DomicoPay into your Domico Software, makes sure the device is set up, then tests and trains. Set up takes 10-15 min. and training takes another 10-30 min.

Hardware stopped working? Payment didn’t go through? A transaction didn’t reconcile?

Just give our techs a call like you usually would for your other Domico Software issues. We also have afterhours teir II support in case you need help outside of our business hours. Request support by phone, email, fax, or through our website. We’ll get back to you within 2-hours, guaranteed!

DomicoPay Merchant Portal


The DomicoPay Merchant Portal features a dashboard with shortcuts and visuals of your self storage facility’s processing activities upon login. The Daily Volumes graph will show a month’s worth of processing volumes for all sites available. Owners of multi-site operations can quickly view daily amounts in one place.

domicopay merchanttrack dashboard

Transaction Search

Search for a specific transaction or review multiple transactions in MerchantTrack using various search options for a given site.

Transaction Search Options

  • Payment Method
  • Status
  • Transaction ID
  • Account Holder Name
  • Customer ID
  • Time Zone
  • Transaction Date Type
  • Date Range Start Date
  • Date Range End Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Account Last 4
domicopay merchanttrack transaction status
domicopay merchanttrack transaction type

Terminals: View & Activate

The Terminal tab in MerchantTrack lets you view your active terminals in detail. For multi-site operators, this feature makes it convenient for owners and staff to locate the device status for any given location.

New device activations are also accessed from here. With our thorough on-boarding services, you won’t have to worry about learning how to activate your terminals because we’ll do it for you!

domicopay merchanttrack terminals page


The reporting capabilities of MerchantTrack yield robust, flexible, and accurate reports. Use available filter options to generate a report for a single site or for multiple sites. After previewing, simply export reports by choosing “Export CSV” or “Export PDF”.

Available Reports

  • Funding Summary Report
  • Transaction Summary Report
  • Funding by Transaction Report
  • Funding by Line Item Report
  • Chargeback Summary Report
  • Chargeback
  • Transactions Report
  • Merchant Statement
domicopay merchanttrack reports

Your time is valuable.
Spend less of it on processing headaches
and more on other important tasks.

DomicoPay offers an all-in-one solution. It’s built just for Domico Software
and supported by the same technical support team. Learn more
and receive a quick statement analysis by completing the form below.

✔   Fully integrated payments reporting and reconciliation
✔   Transparent fees – no manufactured fees!
✔   Tracking tools to monitor your processing rates
✔   No more flipping between programs to reconcile
✔   Get answers when you need them