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The Complete Storage Facility Management Software

Manage any size self storage facility with ease, while offering tenants the best in customer service. Check out the complete reservation system included.

Self storage facilities can offer customers online reservations embedded directly on their website, send automated email confirmations, and online account/payments at no additional cost.

Our software manages storage facility units and tenant accounts

Manage Units

Unit types, group units, edit billing plans, set online availability. Interactive units map.

Manage Tenants

Reservations, assign gate codes, invoicing, payments, online bill pay, delinquency schedule, email notifications.

Everything In-Between

Tools for tracking leads, online move-ins, work orders, meaningful reports, automate work-flow, & much more.

First impressions are important.

Accept reservations directly from your website, at no additional cost! Implement a streamlined reservation system with DomicoCloud.

domicocloud for tenants

Provide great customer service with DomicoCloud

Automated Email Notifications

  • Create email templates using the Notification Template builder
  • Personalize emails with global tags like and ##unit.number##
  • Enable automatic responses with Automated Actions
  • When this happens > Do this
  • For example:

    WHEN: Online reservation submitted  >

    DO THIS: Send – Reservation Email Template

Digital Lease Agreements

Save time and space with our built-in digital leases. Have tenants review and sign their lease on your facility tablet or their own device.

Executed agreements are automatically saved to the customer’s profile as a pdf.

digital lease agreement domicocloud

Online Customer Portal

Your tenants can conveniently access their account online to make payments and more.

  • Update contact information
  • View payment receipt
  • Print receipts & statements
  • Setup automatic payments
  • Update password

The online customer portal is included in the DomicoCloud system at no additional cost.

domicocloud managers

Managers handle many tasks at once

Quickly access the data you need, when you need it. Having an all-inclusive management software with the ability to work in multiple screens help facility managers multi-task.

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All the tools you need, in one place

A Complete Tenant Profile

Each tenant profile is organized with the following tabs: Overview, User Info, Acct Activity, Lease, Work Orders, Correspondence, and log.

  • Work in multiple screens
  • Manage payment info (includes CC encryption)
  • Transaction history listed
  • Associated leases
  • Account activity log listed with dates & staff/user

customer profile domicocloud
customer profile domicocloud

Manage Data & Attachments Effectively

Accurate recordkeeping is an important part of your customer relationship. DomicoCloud stores, organizes, and saves data and attachments to refer back to at any time.

Facility Upkeep as a Team

Maintain your self storage facility grounds with the help of Work Orders in DomicoCloud. Select from current work orders to create a task sheet directly from the Work Orders window.

work orders in domicocloud
reporting in domicocloud

Accurate Reporting

A set of 75+ meaningful reports are organized into five categories.Instantly download or email reports from the software. Some reports are interactive – linked to different areas of the software depending on report.

Multi-Facility Reporting

Most reports can include one or more facilities sub-totaled on a single report. Some reports can show aggregated totals of multiple facilities in a single view to get total overhead view of economic indicators. Define regional Company Sets to share configuration settings with default and override options.

Owners don’t miss a beat.

Whether operating a self storage facility part-time or full-time, DomicoCloud is designed to keep facility owners in the loop. Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports by email, access your software on any device, assign work orders, & leverage automation to ensure tasks get completed.

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The most powerful self storage software on the web


Access your storage facility on any browser. No application download needed. Updates happen instantaneously!


Connect other services for a complete and streamlined setup. We integrate with most industry service providers.


Receive expert advice and support from a dedicated team of self storage software specialists.

What customers are saying

We love how easy this program is to use. Everything is very user friendly so it was simple to hop right in and get going with the new program. There are also a lot of customizable options with the software which makes my job easier.

Katie Acre, Manager
Santa Ynez Self Storage


Very User Friendly. Integration and ease of use are the best things about this program. It integrates with almost every gate system used by our properties. Submitting payables and the easy flow to QuickBooks makes paying bills easy. Automatically sends out Late Letters. Has the ability to send out mass emails.

Liz Emmett, Regional Lead
Absolute Storage Management


I have been with Domico since 1993. I have been through all the upgrades and changing from black and white to full color then to the web. I find the  software to be very easy to work with.

Kerry Ishmael, VP of Operations
Self Storage Management Co. LLC


I have used this software for the past 10 years, it’s a first class product. The support team are fantastic, if you have a problem they respond in a very timely manner, very efficient and professional. Great to work with.

Frank McEvoy, Manager
Auburn Blvd Mini Stor


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