Starkville, MS

Our DomicoSouth team in Starkville, Mississippi leads in the Research & Development efforts of DomicoCloud.
Together with DomicoWest, they coordinate software production and provide Tier II Technical Support.

bill ford domico software coo

Bill Ford
Chief Operating Officer

Bill manages the DomicoSouth team.  He works with the software developers to design and prioritize software changes, and maintains relationships with channel and integration partners.

joel washburn domico software cto

Joel Washburn
Chief Technology Officer

Joel is the lead software designer and developer, and is also responsible for the design and deployment of the cloud architecture on which the system is based.

claire martin domico software project manager

Claire Martin
Head of Project Management

Claire works with our team to ensure our development goals are met and is in charge of QA testing for each new release. In her free time she enjoys traveling, trivia nights, and spending time with friends and family.

ali stewart domico software software developer

Eli Stewart
Software Developer

Eli has worked as a software developer since early 2019.  He is from Starkville, Mississippi and attended Mississippi State University where he got a degree in Business Information Systems.  Outside of work, Eli enjoys reading books, programming, and spending time with his friends and family.”

david houston domico software support tech

David Houston
Support Technician

David assists storage property managers with software troubleshooting and technical assistance. He currently studies at Mississippi State University and is pursuing a B.D. in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. He enjoys watching movies, playing soccer, and serving at his local church.

laken brock domico software support tech

Laken Brock
Support Technician

As one of our technical support members, Laken enjoys helping customers understand any issue they face with the software and how they can easily resolve it. Aside from work, you can find Laken either loving on her roommate’s puppies or drinking a good cup of joe at her favorite local coffee shop.

jervontae carter domico software support tech

Jervontae Carter
Support Technician

Jervontae is the latest addition to the team, where he works in technical support. In his free time, Jervontae enjoys listening to music and loves to cheer on his favorite sports teams. He’s also a traveling and fantasy football enthusiast.

domico west team lineup

Sales/Marketing, Production, Tier I Technical Support