What is self storage management software?
Management software for self storage is designed to track the unit inventory and tenant accounts for a storage facility. Self storage businesses rely on management software to keep an accurate count of their income, profits, and losses.

What is the goal of storage management?

Important features in management software like DomicoCloud help facility owners move-in customers, offer discounts, transfer units, take various payment types, send notices and letters, as well as implement delinquency schedules.

Self storage management software becomes even more powerful when integrated with other software and hardware offered by other industry service providers such as security gate systems like PTI Security Systems and Go Local Interactive website provider.

Sometimes, self storage management software is also known as accounting software as they typically include functions that mimic and work in conjunction with widely used accounting programs, such as Quickbooks.


What does Domico software do?

DomicoCloud software is for managing self storage facility’s tenant accounts and unit inventory. Our property management software handles new tenant move-ins, reservations, unit transfers, unit add-ons, in-office, and online payments, retail sales, work orders, automated workflows, reporting, and more. DomicoCloud becomes the central hub of our operation by integrating with other self storage industry service providers and aggregates, such as Insomniac Kiosks, Sentinel Gate Systems, Xercor Insurance Services, XPS Call Center services, and even Sparefoot facility listings.

Who uses Domico software?

Self storage owners and operates small and large utilize Domico Software products and services. We have customers with 1 site housing up to 50 units and customers with multiple facilities in various states house thousands of units.

Domico Software is built to manage traditional storage units, office spaces, mailboxes, wine storage, as well as  RV/car/boat storage and parking. Our users are able to offer services such as climate-controlled units and Wi-fi.

Is Domico software web-based?

DomicoCloud is truly web-based. It’s build to launch on your website browser on any device, from anywhere. We believe this method offers the most reliable and consistent results as users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Do I need any new hardware or software to use DomicoCloud?
No, the entire application runs inside your browser. The only installed element is a service that sends updates to your gate system.

Does Domico offer a free trial?

Absolutely! We offer free demo access to our DomicoCloud web-based software and a secure download of our stand-alone software.


How does self storage software pricing work?

Cloud-based self storage management software is delivered over the web and falls under the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model. Domico Software hosts the DomicoCloud application for customers to use, store, and retrieve data as needed. Licensing costs for management software in the self storage industry are usually priced competitively with a monthly subscription. Users may incur additional costs depending on the availability of add-on services offered through the software company.


Can I track leads/prospects with self storage software?

Yes! DomicoCloud provides a module to keep track of both hard and soft reservations.

Can I open multiple windows in DomicoCloud?

Yes! DomicoCloud allows you to open multiple windows to work in various screens without having to close out of what you’re working on.

Does Domico software process credit cards?

DomicoPay is our proprietary processor. This product was built by us for you, offering consolidated processing, extended support, and the best processing rates in the industry.

What is a digital lease agreement?

Also known as a paperless lease, the Digital Lease Agreement is an automated feature in DomicoCloud that allows self storage facilities to streamline the lease process by emailing the tenant the Lease Agreement through email to complete and sign. Whether the tenant is in front of the manager or at home, this ability contributes to the paperless process, eliminating paper waste and the need to physically store paperwork at the facility. All unit rental contracts are automatically attached to tenant profiles.

Is there SMS, text messaging, and email functionality within DomicoCloud software?

Absolutely! SMS text messaging and emailing is built in our storage unit software. DomicoCloud users can easily send and receive messages, keeping communication and correspondence in one

Does DomicoCloud work with Quickbooks?
DomicoCloud can be configured to automatically email your accountant each day’s transactions. DomicoCloud also includes a module to maintain vendors and invoices for the property’s business.

Can I set up Electronic Leases for my storage facility?
Yes, DomicoCloud is integrated with electronic leases.

Is Outlook still required for emailing storage notices and reports from DomicoCloud?
No! All emails are handled in the cloud now.

I oversee multiple self storage sites – how will that work in DomicoCloud?
In DomicoCloud, each user can be granted access to multiple facilities without logging out and logging back in. Throughout the software, you’ll be provided a dropdown menu in which you will specify the facility you’re working with. Some reports will allow for multiple facilities to be included in the same report, making data analysis and comparison much easier.


What is the delivery turn-around time for self storage software?

If you’re looking to have software built for a brand new facility without existing customer data, the turn-around time for the build and delivery is anywhere from 1-2 business days once your submitted build information is reviewed and accepted. 

Software builds using existing data can take a little longer depending on the type and amount of data you can provide. For example, production for someone who submits data with 800 existing customers may take longer than someone with 200 existing customers. These builds can take anywhere between 1-5 business days. More on these types of build to follow.

What is a data conversion?

A data conversion is when we build software using your existing facility and customer data. We can convert from any other storage software or spreadsheet. 

What testing and validation do you perform to ensure my converted data is accurate?

Our trained product specialists will work with you to gather the required data for the conversion The data is then analyzed and cleaned in preparation for it to get converted and dropped into our software. Once your existing data is live in our software, we go through various tests to see if the software returns accurate data. This is completed by two different technicians and is done before we deliver it to you. 

Is the system scale-able if I want to add more self storage units or locations?

Yes! Our programs are built for growth. Whether you’re adding more units or facilities, we’ll work with you to get software built and delivered when you need it. If you have plans to build out in the future, don’t forget to mention it early on for a discount. 

What happens after the software has been delivered?

A technician is assigned to every single software delivery. Every delivery also includes an initial training session that goes over the basics of using the software and is available to any employee at your facility. Your assigned technician will follow-up with your site periodically and any support requests that come in will also be routed to that technician. Additional training, account fixes, change to settings, and more are available during this time to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. 

How easy is it for my employees to learn your system? 

Our programs are built with end-users in mind, making actions and functions easy to learn. Our initial training session is developed to get first-time users comfortable with using the programs to complete basic day-to-day operating tasks. We understand that using new software comes with a learning curve, that’s why we’re here with you through it all. Your assigned tech can be contacted anytime during business hours by phone, vm, fax, or email. 

Who does the storage facility data belong to?

The data belongs to you! We can help you save backups or retrieve your data whenever you need it.


When is customer support available and where is it based?

Regular technical support is available 7 days a week, from 8a-5p Pacific Time Monday thru Fridays, and from 9a-1p Pacific Time on Saturdays and Sundays. Our support team works full-time at our headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA, and are professionally trained to support our products and services. Additional support for our DomicoCloud and DomicoPay products are also available through our parent company. 

Do you offer stand-alone self storage software?

Our legacy Domico Software is a windows-based program that resides on a PC at the facility. Many of our customers are still using this program. It is known for its simplicity and can be hassle-free as long as your hardware and software are up to date. Daily back-ups are done automatically with each Close Day and can be saved to a thumb drive, a cloud drive, or an external hard drive. This stand-alone program becomes a hybrid system with an add-on product called eDomico, which enables users to offer online reservations and payments.