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The Importance of the Management Software Dashboard

Domico Cloud dashboard

June 3, 2021

Introduction to DomicoPay

With the various self storage unit types and high unit count, it’s important to have a software dashboard that helps manage the changing variables. with a dashboard that’s both informative and user-friendly, storage facility managers and owners can easily track the different data points in order to make smart business decisions.

With DomicoCloud storage facility management software, users have 15 lists to choose from, most of which are interactive. Click on these lists to access customer accounts, units, payments, unread text messages, and more.

Let’s explore some of the features and benefits of a software dashboard. 

domicocloud dashboard lists
Each user can choose which list to keep on their DomicoClouddashboard

Key features of a software dashboard:

Key performance indicators – KPI’s are perhaps one of the most important component when it comes to understanding the health of your business. DomicoCloud’s Daily Information list provides statistics on the current status of units and, reservations, payments, and move-outs.

Interactive – Users can click on the data listed, having the ability to drill down and get more insight. An interactive dashboard is convenient for busy managers who juggle many tasks at self storage facilities. 

Customizable – Everyone works differently. With a customizable dashboard, any user can choose which lists to keep on their dashboard and where. The ability to customize the dashboard to share the desired data keeps users in complete control.

What an effective dashboard offers:

sms text in domicocloud
Interactive lists allows users total action right away. Get notified of incoming text messages to respond.

Centralized and up-to-date info at a glance – Information about your units and tenants where you need them for when you need it. Customized dashboard views are saved by user and can be refreshed for up-to-date data.

Monitor and measure performance – Whether your current goal is to increase occupancy or raise rent rates, having immediate access to certain data helps your team stay on track with the tasks at hand. 

Complete tasks – A self storage business resolves around unit management. Having various data lists with information on these units, their tenants, and tenant transactions paints a clear picture of exactly what tasks needs to be done next. 

Why it’s important:

domicocloud recent tenants

Increase efficiency – With important data readily available on your facility management software dashboard, your team can rapidly determine which tasks should be done first without searching through the software.

Improve focus, alignment, communication – Together with the automation ability, communication gets streamlined and completed with accuracy. Work together with your team by assigning work orders. 

Provide exceptional customer service – last and most importantly, having immediate access to your business data allows you to be on in the know with your customer accounts and available units.

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