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Q&A: Top 5 FAQ on Domico and DomicoCloud

July 22, 2021 – Leanne and Jenni cover five most frequently asked questions by customers and prospects. Find out what sets Domico apart, who the typical customer is, and more.

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The Importance of the Management Software Dashboard

June 3, 2021 – Having a dashboard that’s both informative and user-friendly on your storage facility management software is important for various reasons. Learn more about the dashboard features, offers, and importance for facility owners and managers.

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get storage facility online

Industry Tip

Get your Storage Facility on Local Listings

March 15, 2021 – Learn how to use free online tools to get your self storage facility noticed! Learn how to use popular business listings like Yelp, Google my Business, Bing Places for Business, and website builders.

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domico self storage cloud software vs stand alone


Domico Stand-Alone Vs. Cloud: Differences

May 26, 2020 – Comparing Domico Stand-Alone and Domico Cloud-based is like comparing two different generations of technology. That is to say that both platforms serve their times well.

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domico pay user saves on fees

Case Study

Customer saves on fees by switching to DomicoPay

August 20, 2019 – One way to analyze the cost savings impact of DomicoPay has on storage facilities processing card payments through DomicoPay is to compare the fees to the customer’s previous processor.

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