DomicoCloud Management Software 
is 100% Purely Cloud-Based

domicocloud true cloud software


DomicoCloud is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is 100% cloud-based. The application is fully deployed with all its parts running in your browser. No downloads, installations, or updates required.

Our cloud-hosted software runs on a secure network of data centers that are regularly updated with strict backup protocols.

domicocloud is reliable


DomicoCloud’s infrastructure and data are housed separately off-site. In the event of a power or internet outage at your facility, DomicoCloud will continue to run. Statements will go out, credit cards will be charged, and online payments/reservations will still process. Your data is also routinely backed up.

domicocloud is fast


Cloud-based software is built to provide on-demand, almost instant results. DomicoCloud runs in your browser, keeping it free from interference by other applications and hardware limitations.

domicocloud is scalable


Whether building upward or outward with DomicoCloud, your software performance remains optimized. Cloud computing gives us the ability to help self storage operators grow without compromising the speed or flexibility of their setup.

domicocloud is secure


DomicoCloud protects your data. Your data resides on our cloud hosted servers, where regular backups and snapshots are taken. Data is replicated to different physical locations for disaster recovery purposes. More importantly, data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest. Plus, we don’t share or sell your data ever.


DomicoCloud is Mobile-Enabled

domicocloud is mobile-enabled

♦ Access it from anywhere

DomicoCloud can be used on almost any device including iOS and Android. Upon login, Touch Interface is enabled, allowing users to navigate the software just like they would on their PC, laptop, or tablet.

♦ Immediate results

Login to DomicoCloud and get to where you need right away. Unlike an application, the program does not need to be downloaded to be used. This eliminates updates and compatibility issues.


In addition to DomicoCloud being compatible with almost any mobile device, its technology gives it the edge needed to integrate modern functions. For example, it’s website URL easily integrates with SMS, QR codes, and NFC,


Tools to Digitize and Automate
your Self Storage Operation

. . .

Digital Lease

The Digital Lease Agreement makes move-ins quicker and less complicated. We’ll help you upload your lease agreement to DomicoCloud and configure it to email directly to your tenant. The tenant can then open the PDF on their mobile device, sign, and send it back. The digital document will be automatically attached to the tenant’s account for quick reference in the future.

send digital lease with domicocloud

Text & Email Directly
from DomicoCloud

Communicate with tenants directly from DomicoCloud by text and email. Our program is built to seamlessly send customers messages, notices, and statements from the software. Staying in touch with tenants from DomicoCloud allows self storage facilities to keep their correspondence in one place for complete record keeping.

text and email directly from domicocloud

Log Correspondence

Each tenant screen includes “Correspondence” and “Log” tabs. All communication between the facility and the tenant is stored under “Correspondence,” complete with timestamps and attachments. The “Log” tab displays all customer- and user-oriented changes made to the account, a great resource for auditing and troubleshooting.

log correspondence with domicocloud

Automated Actions

This function meets an important goal of ours: to streamline your workflow without direct interaction. DomicoCloud’s built-in Automated Actions feature allows users to connect triggers with actions.

automate processes with domicocloud

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Process Payments with DomicoPay
for a Streamlined Solution
. . .

domicopay with domicocloud streamlines

Integrated Payment Solution

DomicoPay offers Domico Software users a complete payment processing solution with its very own integrated platform. DomicoPay offers PCI compliant processing, quick on-boarding and transparent fees.

Consolidated Reconciliation

Settle payments and reconcile transactions easily at your self storage facility with the DomicoPay integration. DomicoPay offers consolidated reports, detailed transactions, and single-site or batched exporting for quick insight on sales.

Same Tech Support

DomicoPay customers receive support on hardware and payment processing from the same friendly and professional group of technicians as they do for software. Enjoy streamlined support, work with the techs you know best, with a guaranteed 2-hour call back window.


DomicoCloud Integrates
with Top Operators
. . .

DomicoCloud is integrated with top self storage service providers so facility owners
can maximize and further streamline their operation. Offering various integration
options in each category ensures we meet the needs of our different users.

domicocloud integrates with tenant insurance

Tenant Insurance

Self-storage facilities offer their tenants insurance to protect personal belonging against theft and damage. Equally important, providing tenant insurance protects facility owners and staff.

domicocloud integrates with website providers

Website Providers

Having an online presence for any business becomes more important each day with the rise in website accessibility. We’ve partnered up with professionals who build websites for self storage facilities, as well as those who offer solutions for advertising and SEO.

domicocloud integrates with call centers

Call Centers

A missed call means a missed opportunity to rent a unit or take a payment. Call centers have become an integral part of the sales initiative in self storage. Call centers in this industry typically operate with a team of customer service professionals who respond to calls, emails, and even texts on behalf of sites or in addition to.

domicocloud integrates with security gate systems

Security Gate Systems

Self storage facilities rely on security gate systems for access control and surveillance. By connecting security systems to DomicoCloud, the gate is constantly updated with which tenants are allowed access, and which aren’t. Different security systems offer different technology, but have one important goal; to keep facility staff and tenants safe.

domicocloud integrates with storage listing services

Storage Listing Services

A complete directly of participating self storage facilities for finding types of storage, storage by location, storage by size, and storage by price. These listing services offer owners exposure and specialized services in a way that they otherwise wouldn’t get being on more general listings like Yelp.

domicocloud integrates with kiosks


Kiosks in general can provide reliable and around the clock service when staff are not available to help customers. Kiosks become a key ingredient in un-manned self storage facilities as they integrate to do everything from renting a unit and making a payment. Kiosks offer an added convenience for self storage facilities.

domicocloud integrates with accounting systems


We work with well-known accounting systems so your records stay tied. Functions in DomicoCloud allow users to easily export needed data from the management software side, and imported into the accounting side.


Types of Software Builds

. . .

Software Conversions

We’ll convert your existing data from other self storage
software, spreadsheet, or ledger to DomicoCloud

domicocloud offers software conversions

Who it’s for

Software conversions are for those who are currently utilizing a method for managing their tenant and unit inventory data.

How it works

Our product specialist team will analyze your existing data, and prep it for conversion.

Brand New Build

No existing customer or unit inventory data. We’ll build your DomicoCloud
Software with your company specific settings

domicocloud offers brand new software builds

Who it’s for

New software builds are for facility owners who do not have data on existing customer accounts and units. These types of builds are typically for new facilities starting from the ground up or getting renovated for a new start.

How it works

Our product specialist team will gather information on your unit inventory. This information can include: types of units, list of units, it’s sizes, and prices. We’ll also gather information for software settings to meet your facility’s specific business needs.

Add Site

You’re already using DomicoCloud at your other sites. You’re
expanding and need software at this new site.

domicocloud helps facilities build out

Who it’s for

This type of build is for customers currently using DomicoCloud. New sites will still need a new software build, but added to your existing portfolio. Take advantage of the many features DomicoCloud offers for multi-site management.

How it works

Adding a site will be by way of a software conversion or a brand new build. We’d gather your facility information exactly as described above in each scenario. Only this time, we add the new site to your existing database, giving you access to all your sites.


DomicoCloud Installation
in Five Steps
. . .

DomicoCloud is designed to meet the needs of a variety of self storage business rules and practices. We take care in configuring each software to best meet each facility’s business needs. The guide below briefly shows the steps we take for each software build.

domicocloud step 1 collect and analyze data

Collect & Analyze Data

Example of Information gathered for software builds:

• Unit Types (units, RV, parking, etc.)
• Unit Sizes
• Unit Prices
• Services (wi-fi, heating, cooling, etc.)
• Move-in Rules
• Move-Out Rules
• Existing Tenant Data (for conversions)

Once your facility’s basic setup information and existing tenant data is gathered, a DomicoCloud software specialist will analyze your data for completion.

domicocloud step 2 prepare data

Prepare Data

Shortly after retrieving the information we need for the software build, the product specialist then takes the proper preparation steps to start building your software. Naturally, basic builds with no existing tenant data result in a quicker build.

DomicoCloud builds using existing customer data will be prepped, converted, then tested to ensure the data transfers properly.

Basic information about
your facility gathered is

The information gathered then
gets built into DomicoCloud software

domicocloud step 2 visual

The settings you’ve chosen to meet your business procedures are also prepped

For conversions, existing customer data is analyzed and prepped as well

The results of the build then
go through a series of
tests and corrections until it returns accurate data

domicocloud step 3 pre-installation training

Pre-Installation Training

At this point, you would have already been exposed to the beneficial features of DomicoCloud. The training we provide during the installation process will cover the basic how-to’s for these features.

We’ll provide training for any staff member who will use DomicoCloud to help manage your facility. By the end of the training, you and your staff will know how to use DomicoCloud to complete day-to-day operating tasks and have any questions answered.

Software Installation

With your facility-specific setup information and existing tenant data (if applicable) prepped and tested, our product specialist will schedule a day and time to have your software go live.

Post-training is also incorporated into software deliveries. Our product specialist team provides training so you can identify how your facility-specific settings work and what your existing tenant data looks like.

domicocloud step 4 software installation
domicocloud step 5 assigned technician

Assigned Priority Tech

In addition to our follow-up after the software delivery, your site is assigned a priority technician for 30 days. This allows your staff to stay in contact with just one technician who will come to learn your software usage in order to effectively provide solutions to any issues that come up.

Following the 30 days, staff will still enjoy professional and reliable support from our team, with a guaranteed, same day, 2-hour call back. Click here to learn more about our technical support service.

Complete Software Solution
for the Modern Self Storage Facility

DomicoCloud offers facility owners a comprehensive set of
tools to manage and grow their self storage operation.
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